By Autumn Jennings

Looking for some quick rehab for those sore ski muscles; how about a quick boost to your mood or metabolism? The Cryo Lodge in Park City may top the list of your new daily routines, where you step inside the Impact Cryotherapy chamber and enjoy a balmy negative 200 degrees Fahrenheit! In less than three minutes, full body cryotherapy relieves muscle strain and joint pain by reducing inflammation throughout the entire body.

Cryotherapy originated in 1978 when Dr. Toshimo Yamaguchi of Japan began using freezing treatments for patients with arthritis. It appeared to be an effective pain management treatment, decreasing pain sensitivity and inflammation. Today, whole body cryotherapy chambers work by quickly reducing the temperature of the outer layers of skin using extreme cold temperatures. Upon warming, your body responds with a flight response, releasing large amounts of endorphins and increasing blood oxygen levels.

The popularity of cryotherapy has grown in recent years as an effective treatment for the relief of joint pain, muscle recovery after rigorous training, and post surgery healing. Elite athletes are finding cryotherapy provides a competitive edge; it reduces recovery time and maximizes performance. Post surgery patients will find that cryotherapy speeds recovery by accelerating muscle repair and reducing pain. For the weekend warrior, cryotherapy gives you the immediate relief you need to start your work week energized and pain free. Even the occasional need for a spa day is rewarded with collagen stimulation for tighter, younger looking skin.

The benefits of cryotherapy can be realized after only one session, providing instant relief from pain and inflammation. Repair of damaged muscles and more lasting joint pain relief becomes evident with 3-5 sessions; an entire system restart, moving the body into a repair stage can be seen after only 7 back to back treatments. Recent studies have even shown that cryotherapy may have a positive effect on mood with the release of endorphins. If instead of racing down the slopes, the cloudy skies and snow packed hills have you feeling down, head in for your three-minute energy and mood boost!

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