Planning to hit the mountains on a bike this summer? Prepare to be amazed. Park City’s award winning, sprawling trail system, which encompasses roughly 400 miles of continuous, non-motorized recreational trails throughout the area, is unlike any other.

In fact, the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) designates Park City as one of only a handful of Gold Level Ride Centers™ (the highest designation the IMBA awards) in the world. Th at’s no small feat, considering Gold Level status is based on a strict, comprehensive range of criteria for not only trails, but accommodations and amenities of the area that must be rigorously met in order to receive the designation. Park City hits the mark on every one, from the number and quality of trails to an impressive variety of lodging and restaurants and incredibly easy access to trailheads from just about anywhere in the area.

Masterfully designed and meticulously maintained through-out the year by the Mountain Trails Foundation (with the help of several other city and county entities), the Park City trail system has something for everyone—from families with young kids seeking a leisurely trail to experienced mountain bikers who relish highly technical single tracks with hairpin switchbacks and grueling ascents. Th e multitude of choices can make planning a ride seem overwhelming, but no worries, a great place to start for detailed information is the Mountain Trails Foundation website ( The site contains an updated, comprehensive list of trails, current trail conditions, events to watch out for and interactive maps, all useful for identifying the perfect ride.

Jenni’s Trail, at Park City Mountain, is a great fi ve mile route for advanced beginners and beyond. For those breathing a little hard due to the altitude, this is a lift served trail that allows for avoiding the uphill climb altogether. Jenni’s offers gorgeous high mountain views, shady aspen groves, wide trails and smooth switchbacks. Note: For the roughly first mile of Jenni’s from the base, this trail is uphill only for bikers.

Armstrong is a well-graded, classic Park City mountain bike ride that locals adore and is a great option on hotter, sunny days due to the plentiful shade that it offers. It’s designated as one way—uphill —for bikers (hikers/runners may go in either direction) and is a roughly four mile climb that leads to the Mid Mountain Trail.

Mid Mountain Trail is in a class by itself and the reason many people make the trek to Park City with their mountain bikes in tow. Designated an IMBA Epic ride that covers 25+ miles of incredible trails traversing all three ski resorts (Deer Valley, Park City and Canyons) and a variety of terrain and difficulty levels, Mid Moun-tain trail sits at 8000’, and is accessible from multiple trailheads throughout the area.

Round Valley, located just northeast of Old Town, is 700 acres and nearly 20 miles of picturesque, preserved open space with a variety of single and double track trails for all abilities. A little lower than Mid Mountain, at roughly 6,500’, Round Valley is as pleasant as it gets and is accessible from a variety of locations around the area (check for list of trailheads).

Charlie Sturgis, Executive Director of the Mountain Trails Foundation explained that trails are shared use, so prepare to encounter many diff erent kinds of people doing many diff erent things. “Another thing Sturgis stressed was trail etiquette. Mountain bikers must yield to all other traffic and when two bikers meet, and the uphill bike always has the right of way. In short, slow down, smile and be safe!

For more trailhead info visit, MOUNTAINTRAILS.ORG