Adventure Dining.  When the same-old just wont do!

The breathtaking, fjord- laden, country of Norway has brought a stunning winter dining option to Park City visitors and residents. High on Park City Mountain Resort’s slopes, Viking Yurt owner Joy Vik showcases extraordinary European cuisine for lunch and dinner.

Daytime skiers can stop by the cozy, wood stove-heated yurt at the top of Homerun for a glass of wine, beer or spirits, marvel at the sparkling views, and enjoy a bowl of soup and a Prosciutto/St. Andre cheese baguette.

Joy’s heirloom baby grand comes alive for her dinner crowd, red-cheeked and merry from the Snow Cat-pulled sleigh ride originating at Park City’s Payday Lift. Flickering candlelight defines the six-course meal prepared by Chef Andre. Glogg, a hot, spiced drink, is served while guests find their places at long wooden tables. Perhaps Aquavit cured Salmon, Jarlsburg Potatoes, and Whiskey Apple Pie with Cardamon Ice Cream will be served. This romantic, Nordic, four-hour long splendor has sparked some engagements and weddings the past 13 years. Dinner reservations: 435-615-9878,

Dashing straight out of the Wild West is a mountain dining experience led by cowboys and huge draft horses. The cozy Snowed Inn Sleigh Company Lodge, perched near First Time Lift at the Park City Mountain Resort, has two blazing fireplaces, hand crafted pine floors, leather booths, and antiques. Cowboy up to your horse-drawn sleigh at the bottom of Park City’s Payday Lift for the 20-minute ride up the mountain where more cowboys, cowgirls, and dinner await.

Greg Pack, owner and chef, clad in boots and chaps chats with guests while he prepares his popular dishes like Utah Trout and Prime Rib. Entertainers play, sing and spin yarns  for their dinner guests. This rancher/chef/top wrangler/contractor has delighted guests for 25 years. Sleigh ride and dinner reservations: 866-647-3310, 435-647-3310, snowedinnsleighcomp

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