It’s our responsibility to make the world better, for ourselves, our children and our future generations. Utah homebuilder, Ivory Homes, has embraced this philosophy with a tree-planting program around their developments and throughout Utah. They have partnered with TreeUtah and Utah Clean Air (UCAIR) to establish an eco-friendly and sustainable initiative.

In 2018, Ivory Homes partnered with our local community and helped to plant 1,250 native species in Park City’s Swaner Preserve to dissuade invasive grasses and encourage ecosystems for local wildlife. These trees and shrubs were specifically selected by Swaner’s Conservation Team to ensure the greatest survival rate in this area and micro-climate.

Then in 2019, to celebrate 30 years as Utah’s number one builder, they planted 30,000 trees across the state. Varieties of birch, dogwood, willow, ash, linden and hornbeam were included in this planting program. And thanks to TreeUtah and UCAIR, all volunteers were instructed on how to plant the trees to ensure a long healthy life.

If you would like to join Ivory Home’s Tree Initiative and let them know where to plant trees, go to: and select a project you would like to participate in:
• Replacement of Dead and Dying Trees
• Beautification and Improvements
• Ecological Restoration
• Roadside Tree Planting

The environmental challenges facing us demand action, and the tree-planting program through Ivory Homes is a perfect proactive approach.

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