Two person show featuring the intricate surfaces of Heather Patterson and Curtis Olson on exhibit for one more week. Don’t miss it!

J GO Gallery has moved up the street and is now at 268 Main Street in Park City. The current exhibition features vibrant and abstract artwork by renowned artists Heather Patterson and Curtis Olson. If you have not been in, the show runs until March 29th.

Both Olson’s’ and Patterson’s works of art are more than initially meets the eye. They each have intricate layers executed with techniques unique to each artist.


Hybrid Installation of 7 panels, mixed media 80" x 65" - HEATHER PATTERSON
Hybrid Installation of 7 panels, mixed media 80″ x 65″ – HEATHER PATTERSON

Patterson’s multi panel Hybrid is a sophisticated combination of organic washes overlaid with graphic patterns; a bright and harmonious blending that seems to depict the delicate balance between nature and man. Hybrid, which is made up of a series of seven circular panels, can be configured to suit any wall or particular aesthetic and would be ideal for adding original artwork to a hard to design space.


Aerial Survey #12, mixed media 42" x 30" - CURTIS OLSON
Aerial Survey #12, mixed media 42″ x 30″ – CURTIS OLSON

Olson’s Aerial Survey #12 is a powerful example of the contrast between the deliberate aging of his surfaces and the orderly design of his subjects. The incongruity between the wabi sabi created by his process and the orderly design of his ‘subjects’ makes these pieces endlessly engaging.

Olson has laid out a precise grid of colorful circles over marks that allude to center pivot irrigation circles – the patterns that patchwork American landscapes as seen from above. His scored surfaces are given age by sanding away parts of the dominant background color to expose a multitude of colors layered underneath. His irregular surfaces are in stark and compelling contrast to the regularity of the vibrant and contemporary arrangement of circles on top of them.



J GO Gallery is now in the Rockwell Listening Room at 268 Main Street; a creative community event space. In addition to contemporary fine art on exhibit, a plethora of different types of events happen within the gallery. In our short time in this space, J GO has been host to several intimate singer songwriter concerts, fundraising events, birthday bashes, an original musical, and a few wedding meet and greet events. Stoked Roasters + Coffee House is also in the space, making J GO Gallery Park City’s most beautiful and vibrant spot on Main Street to enjoy art with your coffee.

If you are looking for a sophisticated venue for your next event, contact us for rental rates and details.



On going, beginning April 2nd

Yoga among the artwork. Starting April 2nd on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings at 9am. Come early or stay late to enjoy Stoked coffee. All classes taught by Oak + Willow instructors. Price info at 465.714.2987.

J GO Gallery is happy to support budding PC High school artists in their fundraising.

In addition to proceeds from the sale their artwork, 10% of any J GO Gallery artwork that sells during this event will be donated towards the cause they are supporting. Join Us!


April 25, 6:00pm
Park City Talks :Women’s Night Out

Keynote Speaker : Terry Sidford, Life Coach “How to go from being ashamed to find your courage & strength.”
Musical Guest : Shannon Runyon
Tickets include presentation, networking hour, live music, appetizers, and swag bag.
Ticket information to come.


268 Main Street

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