How Jay Kelly is meeting the demand for his amazing torn paper collages.

Jay Kelly’s Success

Kelly is in an enviable position. Demand for his unique torn paper collage has outpaced his ability to create them. On close inspection, it is easy to appreciate why his pieces are so beloved, and also, why he might have trouble keeping up with the demand for them. Kelly uses thousands of vintage magazine bits to create highly realistic wildlife portraits and classic fashion and skier imagery.

Kelly began creating this unique style of collage about a decade ago, and while the price of his work has steadily increased, so has the demand. Keeping up with commissions and supplying galleries became more than full time for both he and his office manager – his talented wife Emily. With the birth of their first child, they began working on making family time in their busy schedules. At the same time, with the price of his originals often nearing $20,000, we at J GO Gallery wanted a way to offer his artwork to a wider audience.

Detail from In the West 45″ x 56.25″

The Kelly’ sourced a reputable printer and now a select few pieces are available as very high resolution images mounted on aluminum under plexi glass. These signed prints are limited to an edition of just 25, and prices range from $2400 to $4500. The process suits his work; the quality of the photographs and the sheen of the glass closely resembles his original pieces under resin.

These prints are now available in the gallery – at our new location in the Rockwell Listening Room at 268 Main Street in Park City. If you are not in town, browse the collection here.

And Exploration- From Near and Far- It’s in the Details

Tips for the Kimball Arts Festival August 2-4

Art Festivities inside J GO Gallery – In addition to our contemporary art collection, the gallery is hosting a couple of official Arts Festival events.

Festival Through the Ages – This is the Festival’s 50th anniversary. In celebration, the Kimball Arts Center and the Park City Hospital will be exhibiting photographs depicting five decades of creativity and healthcare among the J GO Gallery artwork during the hours of the festival.

Brushes and Brunch MIngle with Best of the Fest artists on Sunday morning over brunch, bloody marys and mimosas. For tickets, click here.

Arts Fest After Dark Don’t miss the best party on Main Street. When the booths close, O.P.Rockwell is the place to be. Lost in Bourbon rocks the stage on Friday, and Aiko will be jamming on Saturday night. Get your tickets before the day of show for the best pricing here.

Local ticket link – tickets are free for Summit County residents, but you have to register online and pick up at the Kimball Art Center To get yours, click here.

For more information about the festival see their website.

Parking tip – Park in the Canyons parking lot and take the electric bus to Main Street. It’s quicker than finding parking in Old Town and it’s FREE.

J GO Gallery is now in the Rockwell Listening Room at 268 Main Street; a creative community event space. In addition to contemporary fine art on exhibit, a plethora of different types of events happen within the gallery. Stoked Roasters + Coffee House is also in the space, making J GO Gallery Park City’s most beautiful and vibrant spot on Main Street to enjoy art with your coffee.

If you are looking for a sophisticated venue for your next event, contact us for rental rates and details, 435.649.1006.

Join us on August 8th for Nashville Unplugged. J GO Gallery @ Rockwell Listening Room will be hosting another night of songs and stories by the talented performers who wrote some of the most famous country music. Even if you’re not a little bit country, it’s an intimate look at the story and the scene behind the hits. For tickets go here.

On Going

Yoga among the artwork. Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 9am. Come early or stay late to enjoy Stoked coffee. All classes taught by Oak + Willow instructors. Drop ins $15. 465.714.2987.