What better way to treat yourself, or make a trip more memorable than by purchasing a beautiful piece of jewelry?

131aPark City visitors and locals are fortunate to have beautiful shops on Main Street that offer unique selections of stones. Exclusive options range from agates and jaspers to amber and moonstone, as well as less familiar stones such as meteorites, Larimer, fossils and moldavite.

131bThe metal of the moment is richly-hued brass, done up bold and brash on a wide variety of pieces. Fashions have come full circle over the years, as evidenced by the current 70’s trend of chunky, earthy pieces made for retro-fit boho babes. Designers today have collectively focused on feel good, strong jewelry that mirrors a woman’s inner strength. Strolling Main, one can’t help but notice the jewelry in the windows with just that inspiration.

With summer at our door, the perfect accessory is an essential! A simple, understated outfit with a statement of jewelry is a must.

So this summer, let yourself indulge in Park City’s stunning collection of one- of-a-kind handcrafted jewelry and other accessories.

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