An Interview with Police Chief, Wade Carpenter

Park City is an international city in a small town,” explains Chief Wade Carpenter. “The diversity in our community creates constant change. That’s one of the things I love most about our town and my job.”

Chief Carpenter’s proactive approach to policing has reduced crime and made Park City a desirable place to live and visit. In addition to celebrities, in 2012, the Police Department has been responsible for the safety and security of Michelle Obama, Eric Holder, Joe Biden and General Dempsey.

The Department is responsible for policing over 276 events including the Park City Kimball Arts Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. “We’re a resort town,” said Carpenter. “It’s our job to create a fun festive environment that’s also responsible.”

Chief Carpenter cautions, “Even though we’re in Park City, don’t leave your snowboards and bikes unattended or valuables on the seat of your car. That leads to crimes of opportunity.”

A few years ago, the Park City High School graduating class created a “You know you’re a Park City High School graduate when. . .” list. The first “when” reads, “You know you’re a Park City High School graduate when you’ve been pulled over on Highway 224 for driving two miles over the speed limit.”

In reality, both the students and their parents are grateful for those “pull overs.” Whenever someone is pulled, it gives officers the opportunity meet and interact with that person. Plus, the officers can check for drugs and alcohol.

The Police Department takes a proactive approach to keeping our town safe. Some officers distribute “Slurpee and Subway Sandwich” tickets for good behavior. Others attend the summer school lunch program and get to know the children.

According to the Chief, “We’re out there actively looking for and rewarding the good in a high profile way.”


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