Special Artist Visit

This spring, some lucky fifth grade students at Jeremy Ranch Elementary School in Park City had a rare opportunity to learn from a true master of sculpture, Josh Tobey. While he was in town for a special reception in his honor at the Thomas Anthony Gallery, he found time to capture the artistic spirit of the students and parents alike, while teaching some of the most basic techniques of sculpting.

As the kids went to work creating their clay rabbit masterpieces, Tobey was able to share his love of art and wildlife with the captivated students. They also got a chance to hold some of his unique bronze sculptures, feel the glass-smooth patina finishes and admire the rich beauty of their colors.

Tom Bruski, owner of the Thomas Anthony Gallery that represents Tobey’s work in Park City explains, “The first thing collectors fall in love with in Tobey’s pieces is his remarkable ability to sculpt personality and expression.” Both children and adults are instantly drawn to the sincerity and charm in the faces of the animals he sculpts.

Tobey always enjoys seeing the reactions on people’s faces when they look at his sculptures, especially with children. He explains, “Everyone sees something just a little different, and often they see some of their own personalities reflected back.”

The special artist visit was a part of Jeremy Ranch Elementary’s Masterpieces in Art program—completely funded, taught and operated by school volunteers. And all of the students and volunteers extend a special thank you to Josh Tobey and the Thomas Anthony Gallery for providing such an incredible hands-on art experience.

Growing up in an environment where art was always important, with both his father and stepmother being accomplished artists, Tobey definitely understands the value of exposing children to the joys of art at an early age. “And there’s just nothing that compares to the artistic honesty and creativity of children,” said Tobey.

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