Once an Exit, Now a Destination
By Allyson Hogan

“Home is everything you can walk to.”
Jerry Spinelli

To say that Kimball Junction has successfully emerged from the recession would be akin to noting that Julia Child is a good cook. Locals and visitors are amazed by its growth/development, seemingly sprouted from formerly-vast expanses of parking lots. (Note to Joni: the “paved Paradise” part happened long ago!) Kimball Junction—in particular the Redstone and Newpark sections— has blossomed from a small service stop on the way to Park City into a destination of its own right.

We longtime residents recall this part of town in its infancy, when the post office was the landmark and “Kimball Junction” was just the name of the exit! Fast-forward twenty years and a few million visitors, and this area is a vibrant, populated, self-sustaining community.

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For those who literally want to live/stay “within walking distance” of, well… just about everything, the Redstone and Newpark neighborhoods deliver. And just as important as having services is having service options. As evidenced by multiple hotels, spa/fitness facilities, dry cleaners, banks, grocery stores, etc., there are choices. Lots of choices. Restaurants have cropped-up throughout these neighborhoods at an astonishing rate, with both national chains and local businesses settling-in. There is an array of options regardless of “filters”: cuisine, budget, indoor/al fresco— something for everyone.

The stable business environment has enticed several companies to open/ relocate their corporate headquarters here. Within a few blocks are the offices of Supplemental HealthCare, Rossignol Ski Company, and SkullCandy. Among the benefits to these businesses are the proximity of goods and services, and the physical surroundings themselves. The Newpark/Redstone areas are almost campus-like, providing not only a beautiful workspace, but a great recruitment tool. Commercial real estate costs are typically lower than those in Park City, a big attraction for companies seeking to relocate or expand. In turn, they are among the area’s largest employers, ensuring a stable local workforce.

Another key factor in the area’s success is its access to the Park City Transit bus system. “The bus?” Before you recoil with memories of what public transportation used to look/feel like, consider that, like most else in this area, these buses are beautiful, clean and readily accessible. With multiple stops in Kimball Junction, the bus is a fast, convenient way to get around. The outlet mall, the ski resorts, and downtown Park City are all within minutes, and the buses run from daybreak till late-night. Still not sold on public transportation? Let’s sweeten the pot: it’s free!

While development at Kimball Junction has answered the call from those wanting things to do and people to see, there are still acres of open space adjacent to the community. The Swaner Nature Preserve’s natural wetlands are home to a diverse population of wildlife, from red foxes to red-winged blackbirds. Deer, moose and elk frequently wander this expanse, and seasonal migratory birds such as the Great Blue Heron and the Sandhill Crane can be seen dotting the landscape or casting large shadows as they fly overhead. Guided walks and environmental projects afford opportunities to learn and participate.
Whether this Park City “suburb” is a stop-over or your final destination, you won’t be disappointed. Venture about, and discover something new. We locals still do.

And it’s all “within walking distance”…

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