By Merridee Hansen Farr (Caruso)

Our animal friends melt our hearts and warm our souls. We have a very uncanny connection with our animal family members.

140aAs I write this article my good friend who lives in Orlando, Florida, is preparing for the impending Hurricane Matthew. She just sent a text that even though the hurricane has not made land yet (12 hours away), the cat is hiding, the dog is crying constantly, and the bird is mum who otherwise is quite the constant talker.

Recent research shows there is a psychic connection between our animal companions and the human spirit. Such connection is akin to the bond between mother and child where the hormone “oxytocin” is released. The connection is deeply and emotionally mutual. Scientists have coined the term “anpsi” short for psi. Many of our animal companions have tremendous anspi abilities, such as President Lincoln’s pup companion who was observed howling and running through the White House just prior to the deadly shot that took Lincoln’s life at the Ford Theater.

So, is there scientific support for the animal human connection phenomena? A Cambridge University study documented 117 dogs and 62 cats exhibiting behaviors such as crying, howling and pacing when a distant human companion had fallen ill or died. A Duke University study put kittens in a maze. The kittens who received “telepathic” thoughts and communication from the researcher got through the maze faster than the kittens who did not get the mental (thought) instructions to get through the maze.

When your cat perches on the window ledge just before you arrive home (even though your timing is not consistent); or when your pup knows you will be returning, barking well before your arrival, you have to wonder how this is possible. When your feathered friend will not “step up”, look at your own state of mind as our feathered friends “know” and can pick up on energy and emotions. I believe our animal companions are more in the “now” and not caught up in our human day-to-day experiences which possibly clouds our ability to be perceptive. These heavenly creatures feel (know) the moment and can be a great guide for those who will pay attention.

Whether science or metaphysics, the next time your furry friend gazes into your eyes trying to communicate…or looks at a corner when nothing is there, or reacts to stimuli which is not readily apparent…pay attention. There is much wisdom we can gain and learn from our animal friends. We are blessed to have these special creatures in our lives.

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