Concierges are typically associated with top-level service at five-star hotels. They can score you tickets to a sold out concert, secure reservations at an impossibly hip restaurant, and even get you ‘on the list’ for an exclusive Sundance event. They typically do not, however, provide interior design advice or products. Unless they happen to work at Bella Tile and Stone—a full-service tile and stone design, consultation, and installation shop in Park City.

Owner Chris Barber says his self-appointed title as the “concierge of tile” is fitting. “At Bella Tile and Stone, we develop and maintain relationships with our clients,” he explained. “We get to know them on a personal level, and that allows us to respond to their timelines, tastes, and vision for their project. Ultimately, we aim to provide our clients with more than they expect.”

His clients agree—there’s no shortage of 5-star reviews online, touting the company’s exceptional service. One reviewer noted: “Bella Tile and Stone’s professional team understands how to get the job done right. At its core, the company’s passion is delivering exceptional service that consistently exceeds expectations, regardless of the challenges that may arise. Th e team seamlessly handles tight schedules, long-lead times and challenging site conditions, utilizing their experience and industry relationships to overcome these obstacles. Bella’s unwavering commitment to its clients guarantees a driven team that works diligently to realize the client’s goals.”

Despite all the rave reviews, Chris understands the customer service Bella Tile and Stone is known for must always remain a central focus. “You can find high-end tile and stone in a lot of places,” he acknowledged. “It’s not the product or even the one-stop-shop business model that sets Bella Tile and Stone apart—it is the personalized approach and meticulous attention to detail we offer.”

That personal connection will come as quite a relief to anyone who has ever visited a showroom—to suggest they can be overwhelming is a massive understatement. Th e options seem limitless, and it’s easy to doubt your taste in a sea of mosaics backsplashes and marble countertops. Bella Tile and Stone understands this; that’s why they provide complimentary design consultations to help alleviate selection stress. “It’s like having your own interior designer to off er guidance and reassurance,” Chris added.

And it doesn’t stop there. Bella Tile and Stone also offers installation experts who have the material knowledge and technical skill to make sure a client’s selection will work with their space physically, in addition to visually. Even better, Chris and his team personally oversee each project and make sure completion equals perfection.

While this approach is both unique and time consuming, Chris believes it is vital to his company’s success. “It is an emotional experience,” he admits. “We’re not just selling tile or even installing it. We are helping someone’s vision come to life; making their dream house become a dream home.”

In addition to making dream homes a reality, Bella Tile and Stone also has experience with commercial projects, spec homes, and residential remodels. Their Silver Creek showroom displays an impressive collection of natural stone, tile, mosaics, and ceramics from around the world. Featuring high-quality and luxury brands, their product lines range from current trends to timeless designs. Precious stones, full stone slabs, hand-craft ed tiles, and even installation materials are also available.

While they might not actually wear white gloves at the office, rest assured, you can expect service as if they are.

By Amy Roberts