Earthlight Galleries Launch Brings Lifetime Dream

Combining two successful careers in professional photography and ownership and expertise in photographic printing companies, along with 40 years of true-blue friendship, owners Wayne Fox and Randy Collier are now directing their combined talents into their stunning, new Earthlight Galleries.

Both began with careers in professional photography starting in the 1970s. In 1981, Fox opened Fox Professional Color Lab, which developed into an expansive, multi-million-dollar operation offering full-service printing for professional photographers. Th rough this endeavor, he began working closely with Collier, who was then with Eastman Kodak. Collier would eventually work full time with Fox and pioneer the company-wide transition into digital in the 1990s, while leading research and development efforts. Over many years, a strong foundation for friendship and partnership only grew from there.

After selling their companies and “retiring,” Fox and Collier both refocused their energies to their shared passion for the art of capturing breathtaking photographs. Today, these best friends still travel the globe together to shoot images that inspire viewers with an overwhelming sense of wonder and awe in their natural majesty.

When asked about how they believe their many years of combined technical prowess affect their end product, Fox explained, “Th ere are two parts to almost any form of art, whether it be dance, painting, photography or any type of artistic endeavor. The first is your vision or the statement you want to achieve. Secondly, it’s about mastering the craft . Both are equally necessary.” He believes an intimate understanding of the technical process makes a key difference in the end result.

Their extensive experience also affects the unique way they operate their new gallery. Fox takes great pride in their fully autonomous approach. Fox and Collier don’t just capture the photographs themselves, they also complete 100% of the rest of the process themselves—from operating as their own photographic lab, processing each print and even mounting and building the frames for each piece. “To me, it’s all part of the process—and part of the photographic message,” said Fox.

It’s truly intriguing to see how these two accomplished photographers with long-standing shared history, technical expertise and experiences, who are also almost always shooting on location together, can both take such varied, but spectacular approaches to their work. Fox agrees, “Th ere’s a lot of synergy in how we do it.”

Part of the allure of photography has always been its ability to transport you to another time or place. Fox describes his efforts to take it yet another step forward, “My goal is that when you’re looking at my image, some of the powerful emotion I felt when creating it is transferred on.” You’ll want to stop by Earthlight Galleries at 340 Main Street in Park City to see the magic for yourself.