You’re busy running your company, making decisions, keeping on top of budgets and trying to keep up at home. You’re overscheduled, overwhelmed and under a lot of stress. You don’t have time to be sick, but your lifestyle isn’t keeping you healthy.

Sound familiar?

If so, an executive physical at Park City Hospital’s LiVe Well Center might be just what the doctor ordered.

“Executive physicals were created with the busy executive or corporate manager in mind,” noted Dr. Kelly Woodward, medical director of the hospital’s LiVe Well Center. “They protect a company’s top talent by supporting the long-term wellness and productivity of its key players.”

These in-depth exams are designed to provide an up-close look at a patient’s health, identify risk factors for diseases, treat and detect health issues, and provide expert insight into helping clients live the healthiest life possible.

Dr. Woodward added the standard executive physical takes about seven hours, and the day typically looks something like this:

• 7 AM arrival for comprehensive lab tests
• Bod Pod assessment to measure body composition and resting metabolic rate
• Light gourmet breakfast
• In-depth medical evaluation, including: lifestyle habits, medical history, physical examination and health goals
• Review of lab results to measure cholesterol levels, inflammation, thyroid function, hormone levels and more
• Fitness evaluation including aerobic capacity (als known as a VO2 treadmill test), strength, balance , and flexibility with an exercise physiologist
• Comprehensive nutrition consultation with a registered dietician
• Gourmet lunch
• Mindfulness, stress reduction, goal setting and go planning with a certified wellness coach
• Therapeutic massage sports performance services for cyclists and runners
• Meet again with Dr. Woodward to answer question and follow-up planning

“This is a typical overview of the day, but an executive physical actually starts weeks before the appointment date and continues several months after,” Dr. Woodwatd added. “Our team of experts gathers a patient’s medical history far in advance to make certain we address all health issues and arrange any additional testing, like a colonoscopy or mammogram, during the appointment And, we follow up with each patient for six months aft their exam to help them stay on track with their goals.

While many companies offer this type of exam to members of their executive team, Dr. Woodward says anyone can make an appointment. A executive physical at LiVe Well Center costs $1,850, which is considerably less expensive than comparable exams at other hospitals and wellness centers around the country. And of course, offering all of this service in Park City is a significant bonus. “Sure, you can have an executive physical in Rochester or Cleveland, but those locations lack the resort appeal Park City offers. Not to mention, the skiing there is pretty sub p joked Dr. Woodward.

Knowing the hospital’s location will be a huge draw to out-of-state clients, LiVe Well Center has partnered with a number of area hotels and businesses to help this deluxe service seamlessly blend into a deluxe vacation.

SOURCEAmy Roberts
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