Expertise you can trust

By Annette Velarde

When heading into the exciting, yet often intimidating, experience of real estate sales or purchases, you want a champion by your side. You need a hero you can count on to have your back and tell you when you may be headed for trouble. That person has to know the big picture, the fine details, and everything in between. Realistically, that person is rarely a relative or friend of a friend. That person is unquestionably one of the Realtors® who have made a commitment to representing the Park City real estate market as an expert. While a Utah real estate license is good anywhere in the state, using a local Realtor® who lives, works, and plays in Park City is essential to making sure you receive the highest level of professional services you need in a real estate transaction.

Today, Park City is a wide-ranging collection of neighborhoods and micro-real estate markets that cover scores of square miles. Home values, life styles, and advantages vary markedly between different areas of town. Having an expert by your side through a sale or purchase transaction can make all the difference between a nightmare and dream-come true. The Park City Board of Realtors® feels it is in your best interest to interview several local Realtors® and find one you are most comfortable with. Keep asking questions until you are sure they have expertise in the neighborhoods you are interested in. They should display an extensive knowledge of the area and exceptional insight into local property values. Unlike out- of-town Realtors®, local Realtors® participate in the weekly property tours so they are well acquainted with the listing stock, know their way around, and have access to the local lockbox system. This will save you loads of time and stress when you are looking at listings.

As evidence that our local Realtors® take the advantages of their extensive knowledge base seriously, they recently developed the designation of “Park City Local Realtor®”. When you see this designation advertised on their webpage, you are further assured they have received extensive education and training in the many aspects unique to Park City real estate. These agents have received instruction in Park City’s history and how each neighborhood was conceived and developed, local mortgage issues unique to resort area financing, and future plans for further development of the area, as well as many other subjects of essential information. This provides their clients the added assurance that the agent of their choice has obtained the knowledge necessary to best serve their needs.

If you are considering selling your property, the advantages of using a local Realtor® are numerous. Foremost, you can trust they know the value of your property and are qualified to recommend listing prices based on how anxious you are to sell. They will take care of arranging for a title search, placing your property on the MLS, and act as your loyal representative with potential buyers and their agents. In addition, they will know the city and county sign ordinances, which regulates the placement of real estate signs and they will know about clearance issues associated with signage. These are details only a local Park City Realtor® would be well versed in.

If you are a buyer, especially an out-of-town buyer, an agent who lives and works in Park City is essential. Beyond helping you narrow down what neighborhoods will best suit your tastes, they know the local inspectors and appraisers and can help coordinate those inspections. They know details like local septic issues, snow storage concerns, historic and architectural guidelines, nightly rental eligibility and unseen problems certain areas may be experiencing. Local Realtors® take pride in being well-connected with service providers, City and County officials and ordinances, HOA statuses, mortgage lenders— anything and everything that you may want to know about Park City.

For more information on local Park City Realtors®, peruse through the Board of Realtors® website: It is packed with valuable information on local listings and Realtors®. You are sure to find a local Realtor® who meshes with your personality and needs. Who knows, they might even turn out to be a neighbor!

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