By Amy Roberts

Michael Jordan. Babe Ruth. David Beckham. These names revolutionized their sport to such a degree, not only are they now synonymous with it, but the sport itself wouldn’t be what it is today without them.

When it comes to skiing, Stein Eriksen takes the game-changing honors. He was alpine skiing’s first superstar, famous for his signature look as much as his skill. And if you’ve ever wanted to ski like Stein, now you can. Well, at least you can master his legendary look.

This winter, Deer Valley’s Stein Eriksen Lodge is offering its guests a Legendary Throwback Package, with items handpicked from Stein himself.

“Stein is famous for transforming the way we ski. His 1952 Olympic success catapulted him far past the gold-medal podium—it made him a household name. This season we’re honoring his legacy with the Stein Eriksen Legendary Throwback Package. Working closely with Stein himself, we have developed products mirroring the look that made him famous, but with a new twist.

Using local Utah companies, plus state- of-the-art green technology, we have re-envisioned those vintage designs,” explained John Perry, communications manager at Stein Eriksen Lodge.

For $850, guests will find themselves carving Deer Valley’s flawlessly-groomed corduroy snow on award-winning RAMP skis. Based in Park City, RAMP makes their eco-friendly bamboo skis just a few miles from the resort. The skis included in this package have been specially designed to mimic Stein’s 1952 Olympic skis.

Dirt Bag ski gloves, made by Black Diamond in Salt Lake City, are also part of the deal. They feature a traditional minimalist workingman style, reminiscent of early renditions.

Salt Lake City based Limited Optics recreated Stein’s famous white ski goggles, bringing the design back to life, but with new technology and modern design.

The Stein Throwback Package is, quite literally, topped off with a knit beanie, modeled after the sweater pattern Stein made famous. In fact, today, almost 60 years later, it’s the most sold and hand knit pattern in the world and is regarded as a Norwegian icon.

While the Legendary Throwback Package doesn’t guarantee you’ll ski like Stein, it definitely promises you can at least look like him!


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