So you’ve fallen in love with Park City.
By Annette Velarde

You have now joined the thousands of people who vacation here for a week or two and then wish they could stay longer—maybe even forever.
There’s a lot to love about this little town, and now is the best time in the last five years to invest in real estate here. There are still great property investment opportunities, but inventory is moving fast. Further, mortgage interest rates are still at all-time lows, making your payments comfortable. Work the numbers and your sense of financial responsibility will be satisfied, then give your heart the opportunity to guide you. You’re not buying just a primary or secondary residence; you’re investing in a lifestyle that will benefit your whole family.

Ask yourself where else in the Rocky Mountains you can be settled in your vacation accommodations in less than an hour of your flight’s landing. Other resort areas require a considerable drive from their nearest airport, while Salt Lake International is just 45 minutes away. If you’d like to increase your vacation days by taking advantage of shorter stays, this is a key point to bear in mind.
This is also a major benefit if you’re looking at making Park City your primary residence. You’re just 30 miles away from the largest employment center in the state—Salt Lake City.

If you’re contemplating buying a vacation home, don’t discount the benefit of renting it out when you’re not using it. After spending quality time with your family, taking advantage of this could make your Utah retreat pay for itself. Real estate in Park City has always proven to be a very profitable long-term investment; by having it produce income when it would otherwise sit empty you get to have your cake and eat it too!

Balance is a core guiding principle in Park City. It goes without saying that winter sports are the town’s passion, but Park City’s world-renowned winters are balanced with magnificent summers that offer as many things to do for fun and relaxation. All four seasons take their turn at leaving you amazed by the natural beauty of the region. Municipal and non-profit groups maintain over 300 miles of hiking and biking trails. The nearby Jordanelle Reservoir is perfect for boating and beach days, and the many rivers and streams are any fisherman’s dream.

Balance can also be seen in the small town versus conveniences arena. Park City has maintained its focus on individual and family wellness while allowing growth in the business sector. Between Kimball Junction, the Tanger Outlet Mall, and Main Street, who could want for more in the way of shopping variety? Personal services from accounting to health care are well covered.

Perhaps the most attractive facet of Park City is the very eclectic group that calls this town their full-time home. From its beginnings as a silver-mine boom town to present day, the rich and poor, professional and blue-collar, religious and secular, red and blue, (you name it, we’ve got it) have lived side-by-side in harmony. There is just something about the laid-back atmosphere of this place that allows people to let go of their prejudices and boundaries. At any community function, (and there’s a lot of them), you’re likely to share a table with young people working
in the hospitality industry, local politicians, the owner of a multi- million dollar home in one of the many elite developments, and a movie star. You’ll feel your heart warm as you realize they’re all talking about how much they love their town with equal fervor.

Let’s talk real estate. Park City has a surprisingly wide variety of neighborhoods and corresponding price ranges. Because all real estate markets are so unique, we highly recommend you take advantage of the in-depth knowledge of a Realtor® who calls Park City their home. A conversation with a local professional real estate agent will help you narrow down the areas you should be touring. The local Board of Realtors maintains an extremely helpful website,, that is packed with information you will find useful.
Welcome to the group that claims Park City as their own, whether it’s as a second-home owner or a full-time resident. The longer you stay, the more you’ll love it here.

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