Today’s pet parents expect more from the toys they give their pets. Consumers are looking for unique, high-quality toys they can feel good about giving to their pets. Eco-friendly toys are made with renewable, recyclable, biodegradable, non-toxic or natural materials and are a safe and fun option for pets. Since dogs play with their mouths they’re exposed to potential toxins, chemicals and additives, which is a potential health hazard to the pet as well as the owner who receives daily “kisses”. Natural and eco-friendly toys are not only safer for a furry family member, but all members of the household, while also being better for the environment.

Pet specialty retailers, oft en small local stores, are on the forefront of carrying toys that are healthy for pets as well as environmentally friendly. Most manufacturers of Earth-friendly toys are eager to support smaller pet retailers, as the mom-and-pop stores want to spread the important message concerning the benefits of Earth-friendly toys.

The basics to know when selecting an Earth-friendly toy are:
1. HOW was the toy produced?
2. WHERE was the toy produced?
3. WHAT materials were used in making the product?

Some key ingredients are hemp, which is natural, durable, antimicrobial and biodegradable, and natural organic cotton, which is durable and pesticide free.

Ultimately, pet parents want a toy that will make their pet happy. Choosing toys that are durably designed, healthy as well as environmentally responsible is extremely important. An eco-friendly toy equates to a healthier, happier pet and less waste for the planet.

By Merridee Hansen Farr (Caruso)

SOURCEMerridee Hansen Farr (Caruso)
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