We have all heard the phrase, “What do you buy a man who already has everything?” Don’t worry, it is just a myth. Such a man does not exist. Do you know how people will sometimes feign modesty as a means of fishing for a compliment? It’s more or less the same approach when a man says you don’t need to get him a present because he already has everything he needs or wants. He’s lying. He’s basically throwing down the gauntlet to see if you are up to the challenge of getting him a really great gift.

Challenge accepted! Th ere is a seemingly endless list of gadgets and gizmos that appeal to men, and sometimes it can be daunting to try and figure out where to even begin looking. Fear not, for any man would love to have these.

39Custom Knives
The best blade money can buy is readily available right here in Park City. Local artisan Ricardo Velarde is one of only a handful of craftsmen worldwide who produce integral knives. Th e high integrity of his distinctive knives is achieved through the use of a single piece of steel extending tip-to-tip from blade through handle. No computers or automated machines are used; Velarde painstakingly handcraft s each and every knife himself. Th e resulting quality and craftsmanship are unparalleled and each knife is truly unique, with a variety of intriguing styles, shapes and sizes. www.velardeknives.com

Exotic Car Racing
Get the thrill and excitement of driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari, along with many other exotic (and fast) cars. Exotics Racing in Las Vegas and Los Angeles has more than 50 cars for you to choose from. Aft er a briefi ng on the track with driving technique and two laps as a passenger in a Porsche Cayenne, the keys are then handed to you and you get to race around the track. A professional, riding shotgun, gives you guidance and encourages you to push your limits as far as you dare to go.

Ping G Driver
Ping is always pushing the limits of technological developments in golf, as is the case with the emergence of “Dragonfly Technology” inspired by the dragonfly’s intricate wing pattern. Even though the G Driver has a taller and deeper face, it also has an ultrathin and lightweight crown, allowing more weight to be put lower and further back from the face in order to optimize spin and launch angles. Th e result is arguably one of the most forgiving, yet high performance, drivers on the market today.

39aVariotronic Sunglasses
Interchangeable lenses for your sunglasses are nice, but they can be tricky to carry and change while on the go. If your adventures take you from sunny hills to shady canyons, then Uvex Variotronic FF Sunglasses, may be just what you need. These high-tech sunglasses automatically adjust their tint to let as much as 64% of light pass through the lens in low-light conditions, or only 16% of light when the sun is shining bright. A single easy-to-feel button also allows you to toggle between auto tint and manual adjustment modes.

39cCustom Bike Fitting
Say good-bye to the archaic days of buying one-size-fits-all bikes, and say hello to the ideal pairing between you and the perfect bike. Precision Bike Fit in Salt Lake City uses the latest technology to custom-fit a bike for you just like the pros. You may purchase the bike through the company, or bring in your own for custom adjustments. Fittings are made based on your own personal preferences to enable you and your bike to harmoniously function as one. www.precisionbikefit.com

39bRange Rover
Sexy, sleek, fast, and able to off road… Range Rover Sport is the vehicle of well-rounded beauty. Th e versatile SUV provides a comfortable ride while able to transition to sometimes harsh road conditions that come with mountain-town living. Whether it is rugged back roads, or highway road trips, the Sport is prepared to get you there, and in style. Built on a strong structure with an all-aluminum monocoque body shell, the vehicle’s muscular stance allows it the ability to handle such diverse settings. Drive for the adventure.

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