Thomas D. Mangelsen is a force of nature.

Thomas D. Mangelsen is a force of nature. Literally. His voice is his lens, and for 40 years he has shot wildlife photography that enraptures the imagination and spirit. In addition to being beautiful, his work inspires and educates the public about environmental issues. In 2012, Nature’s Best Photography named Mangelsen Conservation Photographer of the Year, an honor created to celebrate an individual committed to using photography skills to facilitate conservation awareness and efforts. Park City’s Main Street is fortunate to play host to one of Mangelsen’s galleries, Images of Nature.

A Nebraska native, Tom found early inspiration in hunting trips with his father, who often brought his sons along on trips to the Platte River. Experiences in his youth taught him two of the most important wildlife photography lessons: 1) attain knowledge and awareness of animal behavior and 2) gain the patience to wait for and identify the “right moment.” In this way, genuine and intriguing images are crafted, not happened upon. Since then, Tom has traveled throughout all seven continents, photographing moments of incredible animals among diverse ecosystems.

Degrees in wildlife biology and zoology and a professional background in cinematography led to Emmy-nominated success filming Flight of the Whooping Cranes for National Geographic and photographing and producing the documentary film Cranes of the Grey Wind for PBS Nature and BBC Natural World. Other accolades throughout his four-decade-long career are abundant: award-winning books; articles in National Geographic, Audubon, Life, and National Wildlife; appearances on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and CNN’s World News; international awards such as BBC’s “Wildlife Photographer of the Year”; and positions and fellowships with numerous boards and organizations. Throughout 2012, Tom’s work will be featured in a Smithsonian exhibit honoring the best nature photographers from around the world.

In 1978, Tom opened his first gallery in Jackson, WY, and found a widespread audience for his work. The
success of the first gallery led to several more across the country, and his limited edition prints have been collected by thousands around the world. The Mangelsen – Images of Nature Gallery has held its spot on Main Street for twenty-five years, providing a space for exhibition, education, and wonder. Visit the gallery to view the natural world as seen through Tom’s lens, and also check out his collection at Mangelsen – Images of Nature Gallery.

364 Main Street, Park City. 435-649-7598

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