If you’re lucky, you may happen to pass through the lobby of Hotel Park City during an evening when Marc Stefano musical magic is in the air. When composer and pianist Marc Stefano is at the keys of the hotel’s 19th century Steinway, you can hear the grand piano from anywhere on the property. But, when you are in the presence of Stefano playing his original compositions, you will inevitably be uplifted by the sheer beauty of the music.

74bOftentimes, what we are called to do and what we choose to do are different things. The unexpected twists in our paths or duality of our heart and mind produce expressions of ourselves
that may, at first glance, seem to be at odds. To wit, Stefano is from a long line of accomplished musicians and received a first-rate education in classical music. But when introduced, he extends his bear’s paw of a hand, offers a smile that lights up the room, and tells you he’s a carpenter.

“In my family, before anyone went to college, they were expected to learn a trade so they could support themselves while they pursued their other interests. It’s a formula that works,” says Stefano. “I spent four years in trade school to become a master carpenter, which has always paid the mortgage and put food on the table. Because of that, I have been entirely free to follow my calling of composing the music that is in my soul. I’ve never for a moment had to compromise my artistic expression in the name of making ends meet. As a result, people clearly hear that freedom and pure inspiration in my music. It’s thrilling for me to watch people listen to me play and be transported to that place in their own souls.”

When asked what composing music brings to his life, it becomes clear that Marc’s story is more complex than it appears on the surface. “Music is my medicine, my therapy. It’s what calms my sorrow and helps me move more gracefully through my life.” A documentary film on Stefano’s multi-faceted life is underway and expected to be released soon. In the meantime, if one evening you feel magic in the air, stop in Hotel Park City and let Stefano’s music add light to your heart.

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