Midway Art Association

For all amateur artists craving extra direction and learning opportunities, we suggest heading to The Midway Art Association.

The mission of The Midway Art Association (MAA) is to encourage artists by providing opportunities for engaging with other artists, learning from workshops, field trip and demonstrations and by painting and selling fine art in planned events. The Association actively promotes creativity, skill development and the promotion of art.

The Midway Art Association Gallery is now open and features artists of all disciplines and styles. The artwork changes every 2 months. The Gallery is conveniently located on Main Street in Midway.

Depending upon your interests and study, MAA hosts a wide variety of workshops throughout the year. For the upcoming spring season, MAA has exciting learning opportunities to participate in:
From March 9th thru April 13th the Midway Art Association will begin a Figure Drawing Workshop with Art Instructor David Dean. The course begins this Monday and will be limited to 10 students.

To register go to:

Rett Ashby will be instructing students on painting with a palette knife. “Ashby wields a palette knife as his main tool like other artists wield a brush.” This is your chance to learn from a master and classes will fill up quickly.

To register for the palette knife workshop for April 23th thru April 25th: midwayartassociation.org/uploads/6/4/3/4/64348327/maa_rett_ashby_registration.pdf

If you’re looking for a more condensed workshop, MAA will be hosting the John Poon Workshop. From May 14th thru May 16th, the Fundamentals of Landscape Painting is designed to help the participant be more purposeful and efficient in painting trees and shrubbery, as well as capturing light, color and atmospheric perspectives.

To register for this “intensive” three- day study go to:

We also want to remind everyone about the upcoming Plein Air Festival that will take place the end of June. The event highlights and promotes the work of artists from all parts of the country. The festival grows more popular every year and is an exciting venue for members of the MAA. For artists that are interested in participating in the popular event, registration opens this Friday March 6th on the MAA’s website: midwayartassociation.org.