Midway City Tree Lighting Ceremony

If you are one of the many local families that look forward to the Midway City Tree Lighting Ceremony each year, we are pleased to announce that the event is still scheduled to take place!

With the pandemic and everything going on this year, the annual celebration had been questionable. So, we were all very excited to get the notice that the Midway City Tree Lighting ceremony on Main Street will be moving forward! The event will take place on Saturday, December 5th.

Due to the recent state of emergency issued by Governor Herbert, Midway City will require extra safety precautions, including mandatory mask wearing and social distancing precautions. Be sure to dress appropriately for the winter weather; coats, gloves, hats and winter boots or shoes are highly recommended.

This year City Council Member’s will be handing out Treat Bags from the Gazebo, and there may or may not be candles. Unlike in past years, there will not be cookies or hot chocolate. And unfortunately, there was no way to have Santa fly in the North Pole with all the safety and travel restrictions going on.

However, some of the best parts of the ceremony are still happening, including the fireworks! Additionally, although the cookies and hot chocolate will be missing, you can still satisfy your hunger and warm your stomach at the food trucks, as they are still part of the event’s plan.

Normally, the ceremony runs until about 8 PM, and although this year the exact timing is still being finalized it looks like the fireworks will take place around 6 PM. The tree lighting will occur shortly after the firework display.

For more information about the Tree Lighting Ceremony and other winter events around Midway and the Heber Valley visit www.gohebervalley.com/Special-Events. There you will find a full calendar to review.