Midway Farmers Market

With spring trying to bloom through our record-breaking snowstorms, we thought we would fill your head with images of sunshine and summer. Envision fresh flowers, sweet fruit and bright vegetables proudly displayed by local vendors.

We are talking about a true locals’ favorite — the Midway Farmers Market is located in charming downtown Midway and is held every Saturday from June through October. If you’re a farmers’ market enthusiast, plan to spend some time at this market because the farm fresh, locally sourced and produced items will absolutely delight your senses. 





The Midway Farmers Market is located at Midway’s Town Square starting at 10 AM and running until 2 PM.


Not only will you find flowers, fruits and veggies, but the Midway Farmers Market also enchants with unique specialty items. Regulars come back each week for farm-fresh duck eggs, locally sourced honey and roasted whole coffee beans.

Other favorites at the market — hand-made all natural skin-care products, made exclusively with organic and locally sourced flowers and herbs. And soap and shower steamers made from fresh goat’s milk.

Of course, while walking around Midway’s Town Square it’s impossible to not partake of the local delicacies found at the market; from freshly baked bread, to made-to-order crepes, to homemade ice cream and authentic handcrafted pretzels. Grab a bag of delicious granola or addictive pumpkin seeds to take home and share with family and friends.

If you’re a new business, or if you’re a company looking to increase your branding exposure, the Midway Farmers Market welcomes interested vendors and merchants. In fact, many local companies have used the market as their company’s launching pad. Including many young adults just getting started in the entrepreneurial world.

Be sure to mark on your calendar – the Midway Farmers Market is closed for Swiss Days, the Saturday before Labor Day.

For more information, including vendor registration and specific details.


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