Salt Lake City Women’s Leadership Summit September 1st!

THE YEARLY KICKOFF MEETING (speakers below) will be via Live Stream and On Demand and will also be recorded for viewing at your convenience.

Date: 9/1/2020

2:00 pm – Welcome and Introduction.
by Shelly Fitzgerald, Salt Lake City Women Leaders.

2:05 pm – Keynote: Leading a Team with Trust and Intent During Difficult Times
by Lani Murakami, Vice President, Overstock com.

2:45 pm – Panel: Leading During COVID-19: Keep Your Team Going Through the Chaos.
by Panelists: Melissa Wank of Pitney Bowes Bnk, Ivy Austria-Miller of Zions Bnk, Kristi Spence of Dairy West.

4:00 pm – Keynote: Creating and Nurturing a Culture of Diversity.
by Sara Richardson, Senior Manager, Comcast.

4:30 pm – Conclusion and Upcoming Monthly Speakers Schedule (Included).
by Shelly Fitzgerald, Salt Lake City Women Leaders.

FUTURE MONTHLY WEB DATES. Please mark these future monthly web dates from 12-1 pm MT for an hour each (again all recorded for you to watch at your convenience as well):

Dates: Aug 10, Sep 1, Oct 1, Nov 9, Dec 1, Jan 11, Feb 8, Mar 8, Apr 12 2021.
(speakers will be top women leaders from Southwest Airlines, Symantec, Vanderbilt, Cox, Microsoft, and more)