Our favorite restaurants in Kimball Junction, Park City

Over the past few years Kimball Junction has become as much of a destination point as Old Town Main Street. This is definitely true for “foodies” looking to delight their tastebuds.

Check out some of our favorites:

Thai So Good
Thai So Good is a choice restaurant in Kimball Junction about Thai So Good, located next to the Kimball Junction Post Office. You are going to love their extensive menu. They have a fantastic and affordable lunch menu: served with salad, rice and a spring roll. If you’re heading home from work, call ahead for take-out or run in for a quick cup of Tom Yum (hot and sour soap.) Whatever you choose, you will be saying “So Good.” thaisogoodatkimball.com

Hearth and Hill
Inspired by local and international specialties, this chic restaurant in Kimball Junction is upscale without being pretentious. Proprietor, Brooks Kirchheimer, has managed to create a casual atmosphere with 5- star cuisine and service. At Hearth and Hill Park City’s spirit and culture are weaved into every item on the menu. hearth-hill.com

Szechwan Chinese Kitchen
If you love Chinese Food, you have to try Szechwan Chinese Kitchen. Established in 1989, this restaurant in Kimball Junction has been the leader for Chinese in Park City. With prompt take-out and comfortable dining come enjoy a fantastic Chinese menu. szechwanpc.flavorplate.com

Loco Lizard
Whether you are looking for place to relax to just carving a burrito to go, Loco Lizard has been pleasing locals since 1999. All food is prepared fresh with their famous homemade chips, salsas, tamales and tortillas. Lunch and Dinner is available seven days a week. They also serve a delicious Sunday brunch. locolizardcantina.com

11 Hauz
Park City may not seem like the place to go for a home cooked Jamaican meal, but that is just what you get at 11 Hauz. “Cooking has always been my first love apart from family,” exclaims Sheron Grant, and you can taste her passion in everything Sheron and her family mix up. Along with her husband and two daughters, Sheron is “bringing the Island” to Park City locals and visitors. 11hauz.com