Live PC Give PC is 24hours to celebrate our collective spirit of giving and to support the nonprofits that make Park City special. With everyone in the community giving whatever they can, Live PC Give PC has raised over $10.3 million since its inception.
In 2018, Park City Community Foundation, the host of Live PC Give PC decided to focus on unique donors instead of the total amount of dollars raised. In the year prior, the community came together and gave over $2 million in a single day, and while Park City is a generous community, there was a doubt that it could be done again. So, the organizers shifted the focus to try to achieve 4,500 unique donors.

The results were outstanding! There were more than 4,700 donors who raised $2,421,786.

This year’s Live PC Give PC is on Friday, November 8th. Join the fun by visiting


The Christian Center of Park City (CCPC) is a broad-based, humanitarian community resource center that serves all residents of Park City and greater Summit and Wasatch counties. Their mission is to meet every individual at their point of need and to give compassion and hope to those they serve regardless of race, gender, income, or religious affiliation. Over the past 20 years, the CCPC has created and sustained a multitude of programs and social enterprises including the largest food pantries in both Summit and Wasatch Counties; two thrift stores; a clothing boutique; a weekly dinner provided to international and seasonal workers; emergency assistance services; Latino outreach; programming support for seniors; monthly on-site outreach to the Goshute Indian Reservation; and a fully-staffed mental health counseling center.

Visit their location on Deer Valley Drive or for volunteer information go to

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