Park City Community Foundation has raised over $1 million for the Community Foundation Response Fund

The Community Response Fund was created to support basic needs and emergency assistance for locals disproportionately suffering economic consequences from the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to COVID-19 closures, hundreds of Park City locals lost their jobs at resorts and in the hospitality sector, and cannot meet basic expenses including rent and groceries.

“There has never been a more important moment to work together to solve our community’s most pressing problems,” says Park City Community Foundation Executive Director Katie Wright. “Through collaboration with nonprofit organizations, government, businesses, philanthropists, and public health providers, we are harnessing resources from the Community Response Fund to help locals in the most need accelerate a return to everyday life.”

“One million dollars is a great milestone, but we know that this amount will only help address some of the needs in the urgent phase of COVID-19, and that much more will be needed for the path to stabilization and recovery in the months to come,” says Wright.

Almost 300 donors have given to the Community Response Fund, with gifts that started at $15. Park City Community Foundation dedicated $50,000 from its operating reserves to the fund. The City Government of Park City also granted $50,000, Katz Amsterdam Charitable Trust and Vail Resorts provided $200,000, and many donors offered matching grants.

For information about the Community Response Fund, including how to contribute visit

How to get help: People living in greater Park City who are struggling with job loss and other challenges due to the coronavirus outbreak, can contact the Christian Center at, 435-649-2260, or JFS at, 435-731-8455.