Making P.C. a Better Place

PCCF helps people give back to the place they love.

We all want to help, although oft en we do not have the time or resources to research where and how our donations will make the greatest impact. Park City Community Foundation (PCCF) was created by and for the people living in or visiting our mountain town to support our extensive charitable interests and meet the specific needs of our community. By bringing together the resources of individuals, families and businesses, PCCF has created a permanent source of capital designed to benefit our local region forever. Whether it’s lending a helping hand to our less fortunate citizens, augmenting the arts, or creating educational opportunities for children, grants are awarded to vetted nonprofit causes through the foundation’s ongoing grant processes.

98aA strong nonprofit community makes Park City a special place to live. PCCF provides reinforcement to help keep these institutions financially healthy while advancing the whole community through its generosity. PCCF has identified four general categories that reflect the mission of its philanthropic efforts:

1) Protect and Play
2) Caring for Others
3) Uplift and Inspire
4) Educate and Empower

Donors may choose from the many existing funds, or establish one that conveys their personal interests. For example, the Community Fund is a general source of grant money awarded to nonprofits on an annual basis. Th e Women’s Giving Fund supports the needs of women and children. Everything from outdoor sports to education to the arts is represented by PCCF and its partners.

Founded in 2007, the astounding success of Park City Community Foundation lies in its ability to be adaptable for its donors, including an assortment of ways gift s may be made. Almost any asset can be converted into a contribution with tax benefits. The staff is knowledgeable about the advantages and limitations of each avenue of giving and qualified to hold conversations with donor’s financial advisors.

We encourage you to responsibly put your money where your heart is while leaving a legacy that will benefit Park City for years to come. (

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