As the legend goes Spanish explorer Ponce de León was searching for the Fountain of Youth when he traveled to what is now St. Augustine, Florida in 1513. While historians squabble about the explorer’s intent and where he came ashore, few could argue that Utah is home to the present day Fountain of Youth. From feet to forehead, these clock-reversing treatments take the “aging” out of “aging gracefully.”

Beauty is in the eye of the Thread Hold

It’s almost a rite of passage for those entering middle age; at some point, we all look in the mirror and ask, “When did I get so old?

“For many people, a PDO ThreadLift provides instant and long-lasting results, without the risks of surgery or the downtime and scarring you get with a facelift,” explained Dr. Stephanie Singer, a Park City based OB/GYN who also specializes in aging management. “It’s a quick, minimally invasive procedure that lifts sagging skin. Results look natural and are oft en noticeable immediately. And, patients see improvement for months following the procedure because the threads stimulate collagen growth.” Dr. Singer has been performing PDO ThreadLift s for over two years in her Kimball Junction o ffi ce. Th e procedure has been FDA approved to lift sagging cheeks, reduce the appearance of jowls, tighten the forehead and lift the eyebrows. It has also been shown to be effective on other areas of the body including loose skin under the arms, the abdomen and “kninkles” or knee wrinkles.

“During a ThreadLift, very thin threads are inserted under the skin. A doctor uses these threads to manually reposition the skin and create a tightening effect, then the ends of the threads are clipped off. The threads underneath the skin dissolve over time and are typically invisible,” explained Dr. Singer. “Most patients can’t see or feel them.”

The threads are made out of the same material used to create dissolvable stitches, which dissolve about six months aft er a procedure. However, the results last much longer usually up to two years. Discomfort is usually minimal and most patients can return to their normal activities within a couple of days.

Because a ThreadLift is not a surgical procedure, almost anyone looking to improve their skin’s tone and texture is a candidate. “I see both men and women, from their 30s to their 80s,” Dr. Singer added. “The benefits of a PDO ThreadLift aren’t specific to gender or generation.”

For those knee-deep in wrinkles, Thermage is the bee’s knees.

When we think of anti-aging treatments, the focus is usually on the face. There’s no shortage of creams, lasers and surgical options that tout the ability to reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and lighten sunspots. While the face takes center stage for good reason, Dr. Renato Saltz, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Park City, says maintaining a youthful appearance should be a full-body pursuit.

“Obviously people notice a face first,” he notes. “But that’s not the only place that gives away your age. Loose skin on the legs, especially around the knees, can make people look much older than they really are.”

“Thermage has been around for decades and has primarily been used to tighten skin on the face and neck. But it’s also quite effective for rejuvenating skin on the legs, arms and even the abdomen,” added Dr. Saltz. “Patients often tell me they want something that will take years off their face, but it’s equally important to take years off the rest of your skin too. Otherwise, it’s a bit like giving a fresh coat of paint to only part of a wall. Th at section will look amazing, but in contrast, the other areas appear to be in need of restoration even more.”

Thermage works by using radiofrequency technology to heat the deeper layers of the skin, where collagen is formed. As we get older, collagen breaks down and ages the skin. Th e heat applied by Thermage causes collagen to contract and stimulates new collagen to form, resulting in smoother skin.

Patients who undergo a Th ermage procedure will likely see gradual results within a few months, and continue to see improvements up to six months aft er treatment. There’ no downtime and results are long-lasting. Most patients only need one treatment to see results. And while not entirely painless, the procedure is tolerable.

“It’s definitely more comfortable than recovering from surgery,” Dr. Saltz confirmed.

Burn Fat, Without Breaking a Sweat

New technology delivers bikini-ready results, no gym membership required.

“In my line of work, there is no shortage of spectacular promises and miracle claims surrounding many new products and procedures, so I understand the skepticism,” says Lisa Hanson, a registered nurse and master esthetician with Enlight Med Spa. “But TruSculpt 3D is an exception. It really does painlessly and quickly shrink problem areas and tighten skin. The marketing hype is based on proven clinical results.”

TruSculpt 3D is a non-invasive procedure that works by gliding a hand-held device over a problem. Th e device sends monopolar radiofrequency energy deep below the surface of the skin to heat fat cells, causing them to die. Most patients feel little to no discomfort and describe the procedure as feeling similar to a hot stone massage. TruSculpt 3D can be used on virtually any part of the body that contains stubborn pockets of fat, with no downtime required. Improve skin tone, texture and the appearance of cellulite while boosting your confidence.

On average patients achieve a 24% fat reduction after their first treatment. While each session takes only 15 minutes per area, noticeable results do require patience and often multiple visits. “Because your body has to naturally eliminate the dead fat cells, it can take about three months to see improvement,” Lisa added.

By Amy Roberts