Turn Down for What?

For a town as energized as ours, checking out the local nightlife scene is a must.

Park City, Utah. A relatively-small town just thirty miles outside of Salt Lake City, packed full of adventure any time you seek it. Known for its incredible skiing with top-rated resorts all right around the corner from one another, Park City has also made a name for itself with its vibrant nightlife. We have called it home to Sundance Film Festival since the 1980’s, and the town has continued to grow and attract people from all over the world ever since.

Park City’s winters are quite a transition and not just for the weather. Be it a vacation, or a vacation-turned-stay, the pace in town seems to be a constant “GO.” There is always something fun on the calendar. For starters, there is Après Ski, which we take very seriously. Between the ski resorts where you choose to spend your days and Historic Main Street, there is a plethora of entertaining and scenic spots for socializing after a day on the slopes. And the festivities don’t stop there. Historic Main Street offers dining and bars for everyone’s preference and mood. Casual and relaxed, or something more formal with included ambiance, it’s all there. For those who want to dance and enjoy live music and shows, Park City has an abundance of performers and bands, especially in the winter season. It is a nice walk or trolley ride up Main where one may easily shuffle in and out to find a place that best suits them. Then at the end of the night, you can hop on the old faithful Park City transit bus for a safe, and free, ride home. Main does not disappoint.

Cheers to a Utah winter!

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