Disneyland, beaches, cocktails and puppies. Some things are just so iconic that they are worth posting . Here in Utah, we have our own lnsta-worthy action. Whether it’s a powder stash, cliff jump, mogul field or high-speed groomer, the locals can name that iconic run without a pause. That hero trail somehow defines their day and it never gets old no matter how many times they ski it.

It could be the first run or the last, but it’s the run they absolutely must take their friends and family down. Even for hardcore skiers, a good day on the hill must be combined with good food in the belly or it’s not worth the bucks. Therefore, you can count on the local to lend his expertise navigating the ski lodge cafeteria as well. When you follow their lead you’re bound to leave the mountain satisfied.

When you ski 50+ days a season, the mundane cafeteria tray of burger/fries/chili gets tiresome, so some ski resort restaurants go as far as to hire “executive chefs” to create inspired, house-made dishes . Even if you’re a beginner rider, set your goals to ski and eat these tasty morsels like a true expert.

Deer Valley Resort & Snowbasin Resort

Only two ski areas in the Wasatch are known more for their food than their skiing. Rightly so. Deer Valley’s Empire Lodge creates mouth-watering soups, paninis and specials like Grilled Citrus Marinated Salmon thanks to Executive Chef Ryan Lloyd but the true attention grabbers will always be the signature turkey chili and carrot cake. Over at Snowbasin the vegetarian stir-fry with ginger lime sauce or the carver station at Earl’s Lodge highlight your ski day.

DV ‘s Stein’s Way enables intermediate skiers to boast that they’ve skied “a black.” If you hit it early enough you might find fresh corduroy and low traffic. The 1,300 vertical feet has a short pitch that will take your breath away.

Snowbasin has their own boastable black groomer where champions competed for Olympic Gold in the 2002 Winter Games. Grizzly (the men’s start) and Wildflower (women’s start) Downhill cover nearly two miles and 2600 vertical from top to bottom.

Park City Mountain

Powder panic may drive skiers towards McConkey’s and Jupiter chairs but locals know to crush Thaynes. Skier’s right, off the two-person chair, is the Hoist for steep, open tree skiing. For eats, the best food will be down at the base in the Legacy Lodge. The curry chicken bowl is not only delicious but is big enough to split. Pizza is a winner as well. For the best mountain barbecue, you’re going to have to feel the outside breeze. The newly remodeled Tombstone BBQ serves up a pulled pork sandwich that will rival any joint in the south. Ask for it “inferno style” if you want to turn up the heat. When you’ve had your fill, burn it off on the bump lines under Super Condor Express. Devil’s Friend will make your thighs burn, “inferno style.”


Sundance Mountain Resort

When it comes to on-mountain dining, Sundance Resort does not disappoint. There are delectable choices at both the Foundry Grill and the Sundance Deli. However, if you want to indulge your appetite, the loaded nachos up at Bearclaw Cabin are the clear winner for mountain munchies. Combine it with 360-degree views of Heber and Utah Valley and you feel like you’re on top of the world.

Grab a pint of”Bob’s Beer” before heading to Bishops Bowl, said to be Robert Redford’s favorite run.

Snowbird Ski Resort

First you flash down Great Scott, right under the tram, to get your blood flowing. One thousand vertical feet and 40 degrees of consistent pitch make this iconic run the one you’ll remember in 20 years. By the time you get back to the tram dock, you’ll need to recover and refuel. Grab a sandwich like the Regulator Johnson from General Gritt’s, then head up to the Plaza tables to eat it. For less than $10 you get a meal big enough to split but you probably won’t want to.

Alta Ski Area

There is no better place in the Wasatch than Eagle’s Nest during or after a storm. Near the end of the High Traverse ridgeline is a breathtaking network of trees and powder. The maze of black diamond shots runs 1,000 vertical feet with a 42-degree pitch that eventually tapers off around a field of gullies and open spaces. You may be tempted to catch your breath at the Goldminer’s Daughter cafe but take the Transfer Tow in the opposite direction, hop Sunnyside Lift and grab an impressive bucket of delicious fries and the best brownies in the land.

Solitude Mountain Resort

The runs at Solitude favor intermediate skiers on their way to advanced. Their signature run is the long steep cruiser from the top of Summit Chair back to the bottom of Apex. While ripping Dynamite, you’ll brush by accessible trees if you care to push your fun meter. When you’re done lapping that area, scoot over to the Roadhouse for Himalayan-inspired dishes. No other resort features a three-curry sampler and curry fries.

Brighton Resort

Ask a snowboarder and they’ll tell you that Brighton’s terrain parks are iconic. For riders, it’s just about anything off the Great Western Lift. The various tree shots not only offer thrills for intermediate and advanced skills but the view from the top ridge rivals anything in the Wasatch. Save your dollars for an apres at Molly Green’s instead of lunching. Their famous nachos pair well with local beers on tap.

Powder Mountain

While most people will lap the runs off Hidden Lake Express, those in the know at Pow Mow will be ripping lines in Mary’s Bowl. The area serviced by the Mary Lift provides an excellent introduction to skiing glades. Once you cover the lines outside, beat the lines inside. Follow the locals after 1 p.m. to the Powder Keg, located inside the Timberline Lodge. The beer bar serves up live music and a fantastic Tonkotsu Ramen bowl of shredded pork, egg noodles and hard-boiled egg.

Plenty of options to choose from, no matter where you go.
Leave the mountain satisfied .

by Jill Adler