Whether you’re visiting Park City for the first time, or have lived here for years, one of our most magical winter experiences is the Park City sleigh ride. Whether you decide to treat the entire family or just that special someone, a sleigh ride is a memorable frosty adventure.

If the thought of cruising on a sleigh ride, while snuggling under a warm blanket, and gazing at the twinkling stars and city lights, is your idea of a winter wonderland, then you must check out a Park City Sleigh Ride.

These two companies offer their own unique versions of a winter sleigh ride:

Snowed Inn Sleigh Company at Park City Mountain is open seven nights a week. With the Snowed Inn Sleigh Company you can opt for just a sleigh ride around the mountain, or to take a Park City sleigh ride up the mountain to a warm cozy Inn for a delicious dinner. Cowboys drive the sleighs and do anything from stoking the fire, to quick stitching of blankets, to helping serve the meals. For time and availability visit

The Viking Yurt - Park City MountainThe Viking Yurt - Park City MountainIf you want a relaxing evening, while enjoying a six-course meal, you will love the Viking Yurt’s take on the Park City sleigh ride. This is a 4-hour mountain fine dining adventure. The night begins with a 23-minute snowcat driven sleigh ride, up to a warm luxurious yurt. Once inside the cozy wigwam, treat yourself to a plentiful gourmet dinner, with festive music and lively conversation. Once the meal is complete you will head back down the mountain on the Park City sleigh nestled under heavy blankets. Go to for more information.

Memories can be made at either of these Park City sleigh ride adventures. Plus, you will experience the unforgettable thrill of being on the beautiful Park City mountain at night.

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