Park City Wine Festival

The Park City Wine Festival has arrived. This local’s favorite runs from October 3rd thru 6th. The celebration offers a wine-filled weekend of sampling events, outdoor excursions, wine dinners and educational seminars.

To make the experience as enjoyable as possible, we wanted to provide you some helpful-tips and information: Remember to: EAT FIRST, STAY HYDRATED, & RIDE SAFE.

Tip # 1: Bring your I.D.

You must show a valid ID to enter, no exception. Only individuals 21 years or older are allowed at The Park City Wine Festival. Please, no pets, children, babies, outside food or beverages.

Tip # 2: Plan for inclement weather

With it being Autumn in Park City, we recommend bringing layers and an umbrella. Wear comfortable shoes and put on plenty of sunscreen and chap-stick.

Tio # 3: Eat

Although there will be food samples at the event, don’t arrive with an empty stomach. Have a full meal before you start the festival.

Tip #4: Drink Water

We also recommend you show up hydrated and that you continue drinking water while sampling the wines and cocktails. Smartwater (a sponsor of The Park City Wine Festival) will have water available at the event.

Tip # 5: Plan Your Tastings

Always start with your favorite wineries and cocktails and go from there. Also, to avoid lines, try walking against the flow.

Tip # 6: Shop Local

Don’t forget to support our local merchants while walking around the gathering