Massage on Main is an intimate massage studio that offers a Far Infrared Mineral Sauna Experience and IV Therapy. Trained in all forms of Massage Therapy, the therapists provide peaceful tranquility, relaxation, deep tissue, injury and sports related massages. They also provide outcall treatments and will come to your home or hotel for the ultimate luxury and convenience.

Professional Care
The Studio offers a one-of-a-kind view of historic Main Street while you relax and enjoy your tea or infused mineral water.

IV Therapy
Massage on Main offers IV Therapy which is extremely helpful if you are suffering from altitude sickness (dehydration, headaches, nausea), or are in need of a little help after last night’s late night “last call.” The Immune boost, with added electrolytes and vitamins is a sure way to feel refreshed and healthy.

Far Infrared Mineral Sauna
The Far Infrared Mineral Sauna detoxes, burns calories, provides pain relief, improves circulation, rejuvenates skin, prevents migraines, improves digestion and constipation, protects your heart, promotes bone health, fights depression and cramps, is directly absorbed into your muscles, and it’s anti-inflammatory. Th e studio’s secret weapon is the Infused Mineral Mist which is loaded with the purest form of magnesium on the planet and 60 plus other minerals. The mist blasts your skin via negative ions at 30MM hits per second. You will feel better. Guaranteed.

The Far Infrared Mineral Sauna, was invented and developed by long-time local, Duane Medina, CEO of Duane is quick to point out that the Sauna benefits far out-weigh other currently popular health experiences such as a float. The negative ion environment created within the Sauna blasts your body with much needed magnesium. Magnesium dictates over 600 bio chemical reactions in your body. Use in conjunction with a massage for the ultimate experience.

Their on-call esthetician will make your day and night. Whether it’s a deep cleansing treatment or hydration and moisturizing you will feel pampered
after any of these treatments.