An ex-Park City ski bum, ski- patroller, and publisher and creative director of Park City Publishing, Lauren Nadler, decided to create something special; a book that would capture the spirit and, literally, the ‘taste,’ of Park City. The book is scheduled for publication just before the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and is titled, “Bon Appetit! from the Restaurants of Park City,” a book designed to give visitors and residents alike — a rather special ‘keep-sake,’ — a book full of photos of the town and featuring twenty-two restaurants, including, The Farm, Goldener Hirsch, Silver Star Café, Butchers and more, with their chefs, featured recipes, and background stories. The idea is to give recipes from many of the best restaurants in Park City so that budding chefs can create an evening, in their own homes, with the culinary experience of the twenty-two restaurants — wherever they may be around the world, or living in Park City. As a ‘keep-sake,’ the book will be ‘high-end,’ in full color and formatted as a coffee- table book so that the photo’s of the town and restaurants can best be enjoyed.

In the old days skiers would spend an evening out in now, ‘long- gone,’ restaurants such ‘Utah Coal and Lumber,’ Claim Jumper,’ and ‘Milletis.’ Now a huge array of choice, comfort, convenience, and downright luxury, is the order of the day. Park City, ‘that old mining town,’ now accommodates over one hundred restaurants some in old mining buildings that still stand up and down Main Street — others in the comparatively new areas of Deer Valley, Canyons Village, and Prospector. In spite of all its changes and growth, Park City still retains some of its old ‘Wild West,’ charm — it is a town with lots of character and an international ski resort.

180Park City Publishing is a small publisher based in Park City’s Bear Hollow. Lauren Nadler is someone long experienced in publishing, design and illustration; Many years in NYC at design studios such as Milton Glaser Inc., magazines such as Golf Digest, illustrated children’s story books, cookbooks, self-help books and many other types of publication and design.

Available at:
Dolly’s Bookstore, Deer Valley Signatures Store, Park City Publishing and La Niche.
Visit for updated information.

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