Keri knew she wanted to be a veterinarian. Before she could read, Keri “practiced” veterinary care in her neighborhood. Her compassionate care made her the first stop for people in the neighborhood who found injured birds and kittens.

Keri pursued her passion with an undergraduate degree in zoology while working in a small animal hospital. Then, as a single mom, in 2003, Dr. Bogardus graduated from Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine and began practicing in Draper.

After 10 years in general practice, Dr. Bogardus joined the VetMed Consultants team, transitioning into full-time mobile diagnostic imaging. Th e mobile side of VetMed off ers diagnostic ultrasound and flexible endoscopy while their Holladay clinic provides stationary diagnostic and interventional procedures such as CT and radiation therapy. VetMed Consultants partner with local veterinarians to provide diagnostic services in their own clinic that they might otherwise have to refer elsewhere, keeping pets and their owners where they feel comfortable.
“Working with VetMed allows me to work with the best veterinarians and surgeons in Utah,” explains Keri.

“Every day provides different diagnostic challenges. I miss seeing pets throughout all their life stages, but I enjoy the challenges and satisfaction that come with focusing on one area of veterinary medicine.”

Keri is one of four full-time skilled diagnostic veterinarians at VetMed. Each day, she packs her ultrasound equipment in her SUV and travels across the Wasatch Front and Back helping local veterinarians diagnose some of the very sickest pets each day.

“Seeing sick and suffering patients is difficult, but providing information that helps pet parents make the most informed decisions about treatment, surgery and even end of life care is immensely satisfying.” VetMed and Dr. Bogardus can be scheduled through your local veterinarian.

Dr. Bogardus loves working in Park City and frequently drops what she is doing to give in-home diagnoses for friends and family. “My friends and neighbors are my Park City family. Park City people know that pets are family.”

At home, three rescues keep her company: Maggie, a sweet senior; Snap, a Chihuahua with attitude; and Matt, currently on a diet.

SOURCEJulie Hooker
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