The Bill White Restaurant Group

By Annette Velarde

The Bill White Restaurant Group has defined exceptional dining in Park City for over twenty years. Their five restaurants have flourished because of their laser-focused commitment to exceptional customer service and meals that surprise and please every time.

GRAPPA ITALIAN RESTAURANT, (151 MAIN) is located at the very top of Historic Main in an exquisitely renovated stone mansion. Their signature Osso Bucco is famous among Park City restaurant-goers as the best they’ve ever had. Grape and Gorgonzola Salad is a work of art as well as the most full-flavored salad you’ll have ever tasted. Horseradish Encrusted Salmon is accompanied by a ravishing display of vegetables, and the spice of the horseradish is perfectly countered with the buttery sweetness of the salmon.

CHIMAYO, (368 MAIN) is a little further down Historic Main. A cuisine that combines the smoke and chilies of Mexico with the fresh ingredients of California coastal, Chimayo’s version of Southwestern is something absolutely exclusive to this restaurant. Start with the Goat Cheese and Mozzarella Chile Relleno topped with Poblano Pumpkin Seed Pesto. Their Crown Roast of Barbecued Spareribs glazed with caramelized chipotle is to die for. All you have to do is look at it and the meat starts to slide off the bone.

WAHSO, (577 MAIN) is a third Bill White Restaurant Group dining establishment gracing the bottom of Historic Main. Expert Asian chefs search far and wide to bring the freshest, most delectable ingredients to Wahso’s menu. The result is innovative dishes that are perfectly balanced. The Sweet Miso Glazed Cod is a combination of buttery fish dressed with an exotic eastern coating that combines the yin of salty with the yang of sweet. Wahso’s extensive wine and cocktail menu features pairings that enhance everything on menu.

WINDY RIDGE CAFÉ AND THE BAKERY AT WINDY RIDGE. Just north of Main in the Iron Horse District of town is long- time locals’ favorite Windy Ridge Café and The Bakery at Windy Ridge. Many long lunches and lingering dinners are spent under fluttering red umbrellas on the patio. Wonderful, fresh salads and hearty sandwiches at lunchtime are upgraded to elegant entrees during the dinner hours. The Bakery located across the parking lot from the café features rich desserts, fresh breads, and buttery cookies to take home with you. Too busy for a dinner out? Windy Ridge has a to-go hearty family meal that feeds four for only $26.95.

GHIDOTTI’S ITALIAN RESTAURANT is located in the Redstone Center at Kimball Junction. Like all great Italian cooking, Ghidotti’s menu is based on simple, fresh ingredients that combine to produce unique and unforgettably good food. Their Antipasto Board looks like an artist’s palette: wedges of aromatic cheeses, vibrantly red sun- dried tomatoes, an amazing array of olives, and distinctive cured meats. The Seared Sea Scallops are sumptuous, full-flavored morsels nestled in a tangy blood-orange reduction that tempts even the most polite person to lick the bowl. Also, $25 will buy you a take-out meal that feeds a hungry family of four.

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