Standing around the water bowl at Run-A-Muk this last summer, you may have heard the buzz about Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic, tucked up against the foothills of Jeremy Ranch. In Summit County, where it feels like there’s at least one dog for every person, we seek out care for our pets with as much diligence as finding a pediatrician, and Powder Paws was created by Dr. Kate Bjordahl with the intention of being “the other family doctor.”

Recognizing the recent growth in Park City’s pet population and the need for more local services, Powder Paws recently opened a beautiful expansion with a dog and cat groomery, a dedicated training center, and a full-service pet rehabilitation area, complete with an underwater treadmill and a doggy massage therapist. Previous to Powder Paws’ expansion, the only animal orthopedic surgeons and rehab programs were in Salt Lake, requiring a trip down Parley’s Canyon for these oft-needed services. WestVet Utah, a specialty service offering orthopedic surgeries by board- certified surgeons, recently set up a satellite practice within Powder Paws.

143aTogether with Paws 4 Life, an area non-profit pet rescue, Powder Paws Veterinary Clinic and WestVet Utah worked to save the life of a sweet 4-month-old Great Pyrenees mix named Luna. In late August 2016, Luna was struck by a car, and she suffered severe breaks to her back leg. Without surgery, Luna likely wouldn’t have survived, and if she did, she would have lived in great pain and been unable to walk. Even in incredible pain, Luna snuggled with staff and offered unlimited kisses.

Thanks to extensive surgery performed at Powder Paws by WestVet Utah’s orthopedic surgeons, Drs. Jesse Terry and Sean Murphy, Luna is on a path to recovery. Today, she attends regular rehabilitation therapies at Powder Paws, with Dr. Kristen Blum. She organizes underwater treadmill sessions to help Luna gently gain strength, laser therapy to reduce swelling, and physical exercises to stretch her muscles and work joints. She also enjoys massage to help her relax.

Currently enjoying life with her adoptive family on a farm, Luna’s future now holds promise for normalcy and endless puppy love.

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