138Park City pets have the world’s best backyard to roam, explore and join their human counterparts on a plethora of adventures. Below is a list of innovative, unique, and just simply awesome per products!

138aThe patented No Pull Harness, at Love Your Pet, features a patented control loop on the back of the harness, which tightens gently around your dog’s chest to discourage pulling and makes walking your dog an easy, more enjoyable experience.

138bThe cooling coat, also offered at Love Your Pet, is designed to make your dog more comfortable in hot weather and when exposed to the sun. The coat has an adjustable belt and collar and a detachable belly flap. An opening on the back allows the leash to be fed through when using a harness.


139aCycle Dog Pet Company, featured at The Barking Cat, is the USA’s leading recycled pet products manufacturer. Cycle Dog collars and leads are made with post-consumer recycled rubber. They dry quickly, won’t fray, and won’t get stinky. The metal locking buckle has over 500 pounds pull strength!

139bNo/No Wild Bird Feeders are one of the most durable feeders on the market. Made from all metal, there is no wood to rot, no plastic to break, and a protective top to shield the seed inside from rain and snow. The shape allows multiple birds to feed at the same time while serving as a protective screen that guards from squirrels and other animals. The feeders come in an array of shapes and colors, and are a perfect gift for those who love bird watching and enjoy the outdoors!

Today’s pet parents pamper their pets more than previous generations, and the good news is that scientific findings show that pet ownership is good for our health! So here’s to healthy happy humans and their truly exceptional canine and feline companions.

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