Park City is world-class on and off the slopes.

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All signs point to an epic winter this year. No, we are not attempting to jinx anything. And yes, the snow is always good—even when snowmakers are called into action. We’ve been around for a couple of decades, so we’re prone to keeping track of the cyclical whims of Mother Nature. Frankly, it is high time mammoth amounts of fluffy white powder wreaked havoc with Park City’s snowplow crew. We’re due.
But there’s more to high altitude living than great snow—the coveted icing on the alpine cake. Th is issue is dedicated to what sets Park City apart from every other ski resort town in the nation. Here, all three resorts rank in the top 10 in the nation— according to Ski Magazine—we’re not just about skiing. Th is town is world-class.
Ahem, World-Class.
So grab a hot toddy, curl up in front of your top-ranked hotel’s fireplace and read about everything from high caliber health care and a top-of-the-line police force to the glitzy and glam side of Park City dwelling and vacationing. In these pages, you’ll learn about edgy developments on the horizon: the SkiLink debate, the in-the-works Raleigh Film Studios, Bonanza Park gentrifi cation, Park City Tech Center’s unveiling and Lower Main Street’s rebirth. Discover how to “LiVe Well,” kid-friendly fun, the latest toys, what swanky gear is made in Utah and get acquainted with the most winning-est Paralympian in the country—who happened to mount Kilimanjaro without the use of his legs.
Discover concierge know-how, animal rescuers and healers, cool places in nearby Salt Lake City (Th e Leonardo, Foothill Village and Cedars of Lebanon) as well as in-yourbackyard powerhouse art fabulousness: local galleries’ edgy and acclaimed artists and Th e Eccles Center’s world-renowned performers. As always, we’ve dedicated pages upon pages to delicious dining—including top breakfast and aprés ski hot spots. The snow will come, but that’s not what defi nes a winter here. Park City is World-Class both on and off the slopes. At Mountain Express Magazine, we savor every aspect of the high country experience—and we’re certain you will, too.


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