113Giving back can be a beautiful thing. Just ask Heather Elliott Bigatel, owner of PuraVida Lifestyle Salon and Spa. Heather opened PuraVida in July of 2016, on a mission to reinvent herself and impact the world around her.

“I had recently moved and realized I was about to start something new in my life,” she said. “But anyone can go out and get a new job. I really wanted to be part of something that matters to me and spend my days in a way I can cherish and give back.”

After some soul searching, Heather realized her personal values aligned very closely with the Aveda philosophy — to care for the world, give back to society and be a good steward of the environment. While Aveda is known mostly as a plant- based, organic skincare and hair product company, being a good global citizen is woven into Aveda’s business model.

“When you see the Aveda name, you can rest assured you are supporting sustainable, planet- friendly initiatives. As the only Aveda salon and spa in Park City,
I localize what the company does on a global level and bring it to this community,” Heather explained.

“From using plant-based and post- consumer recycled packaging to naturally derived ingredients to our commitment to not test products on animals, Aveda and PuraVida both believe protecting the planet, helping people and making a profit are mutually achievable goals.”

In fact, Heather is so committed to the Aveda philosophy she and her salon manager, Jessica Curry, plan to go to India soon to further their knowledge of Aveda’s roots and beliefs.

Closer to home, Heather makes a difference by partnering with The Peace House, a local organization dedicated to ending family violence and abuse through education, outreach, support services, and shelter. “PuraVida donates services to women and children seeking shelter at The Peace House. We firmly believe those in transition still have a need to look and feel beautiful,” Heather said. “When we feel beautiful and supported, we exude a confidence needed to take bigger steps in life.”

Located in Kimball Junction at 1182 Center Drive, Suite D110, PuraVida is open Tuesday through Sunday. Learn more at: puravidasalonspa.com

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