100aNicholas & Company is a Salt Lake City- based food service provider that started as a family-owned business grown by Greek immigrants living the American dream. This year Nicholas & Co. is celebrating its 75th anniversary with the opening of a new distribution facility in Las Vegas, NV. Like the many top chefs and restaurants with whom this local food company has ties, work is about more than making money – it’s about delivering a quality and level of service by which to carry on the a legacy built by Papa Nicholas.

Q: What does it mean to your family to have built a legacy of business and community relationships here in Utah?

A: Salt Lake City has been a fantastic place for us to build business, community and team member relationships. Salt Lake City gave Nicholas Mouskondis a new start and the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur—one who could assimilate into the community, take care of his family’s needs, and give back to the community.

What sets you apart as a company from other similar businesses?

A: Our ability to develop meaningful relationships with our customers and team members. We have a purpose-driven organization, which focuses on meeting the needs of our customers and team members first and foremost.

Q: What is your recipe for success?

A: Our corporate culture is our purpose-driven organization in which we get the opportunity to enhance the lives of everyone we come in contact with is what motivates us on a daily basis.

Q: What kind of relationship do you have with restaurants, chefs and diners in Utah that makes running your business so enjoyable?

We are truly passionate about our industry, our customers, our team members and the communities in which we do business.

Q: What hopes do you have for the future of the company?

A: We just announced our expansion plans to open a new distribution facility in Las Vegas next year.

Today, 75 years after Nicholas William Mouskondis left his home in Crete, Greece for the United States, a third generation of Mouskondis are carrying on the Nicholas and Company legacy of service and dedication that sprung from humble beginnings, hard work, and a hopeful vision for the future.

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