“Everyone is good at recycling.”

We close the loop when products are recycled and re-purposed at Re-Find Goods,” says boutique owner Kristin Harrower. This new specialty store, in the Pierpont District of downtown Salt Lake City, offers customers the opportunity to shop for up- cycled, re-purposed or made- from-recycled materials by local and global artisans.

The products at Re-Find Goods demonstrate the beauty of goods re-purposed in a tasteful way. As Harrower adds, “There’s no point in recycling if we don’t buy items made from recycled goods.”

Merchandise in the store is one- of-a-kind and includes clothing, jewelry and home décor. There are re-imagined and re-purposed goods that add a unique, classic flair to homes and personal accessories, with prices to fit every budget.

Such finds include purses made from French army tents, bracelets created from 19th century flatware, and furniture from wine barrels.

Local Vanessa Hartley recycles everything. “Until Re-Find, I never thought much about what happens to recycling after I put it in the bin. Re-Find puts it all in perspective.”

Meanwhile, Harrower cherishes the opportunity to bring her dog to work and entertain customers in her own space, while making a sustainable difference for the environment.

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