Park City Gun Club offers a range of activities, in a Smokey the Bear approved setting.

For those who want to stay on target with their shooting skills, Utah summers are anything but a sure shot. Our hot and dry climate, mixed with open space, not-so-gentle breezes and seemingly chronic drought conditions, create a perfect bullseye for wildfires. Luckily, Park City Gun Club has a wide range of target practice options that allow shooters to fi re away, without pulling the trigger on a natural disaster.

“We offer 12 shooting lanes in two ranges, simulation rooms, a tactical range and an expert staff to ensure a safe, educational and memorable experience,” noted Dan Labov, owner of Park City Gun Club.

“Whether you’re an expert marksman, want to hone your skills or are just learning how to handle a firearm, we’ll help you increase your ability and build confidence.”

The Gun Club offers a rental fleet of well over 100 firearms, everything from the smallest revolvers to exotics and the most modern full-auto machine guns! Known for its high-caliber fun, Park City Gun Club’s attractions include:

The Main Range, consists of eight, 25-yard shooting lanes, with space for up to four people. All lanes are rifle rated for handguns, shotguns and rifl es, and feature state-of-the-art sound dampening and ventilation systems for comfort and safety.

The Tactical Range features four 25-yard shooting lanes, with Main Range amenities, but also allows shooters to move and fi re anywhere in the range. Targets move laterally, allowing for advanced training.

The Live Fire Simulator is an interactive, digital experience featuring video or computer-simulated targets, allowing shooters to react in realistic scenarios. Since this range accommodates up to four people, shooters can compete in simulated fast draw competitions or marksmanship challenges.

The Laser Simulator offers simulation training without live ammunition and is ideal for those new to shooting. Participants can aim for a variety of targets, in a quiet and recoil-free setting.

Park City Gun Club is open to all members of the public, no member-ship or prior experience required. Gun rentals, sales, memberships, certifi cation classes and facility rentals for group events are also available.

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