Redmond Products

Everything from facial clay to toothpaste, roadway ice melt to vinyl siding — all derivative from one ingredient: salt.

296bBack in the late 1950’s, a prolonged drought forced the Bosshardt brothers off their farm and into the salt business in central Utah. Geologists believe that the Real Salt deposit in Redmond is the remnant of an ancient inland sea from the Jurassic Period. Over time, volcanic activity pushed the salt up to the surface.

The Bosshardt brothers sold to local ranchers who credited their healthier herds to the salt. The salt used for agricultural purposes soon started appearing on the tables of local ranchers and farmers. They realized that if this nutrient-rich salt, without processing and additives, was good for the cattle, it would be great for human consumption.

Then, in the 1960’s, it became apparent that Redmond salt melted road ice more efficiently and effectively than traditional white salt. Now known as Ice Slicer®, the reddish mixture is visible on roads throughout the western United States.

In 1985, Redmond introduced Real Salt® brand sea salt. The classic red and blue label is recognized worldwide. In fact, this year, distribution will begin in Japan. In the United States, it is the best-selling salt in health food stores.

As Redmond products expanded, so did the vision of the company. Recognizing that the salt was best in its natural state — without additives, chemicals, or heat processing of any kind — the brothers wondered what else they could produce naturally.

With Rhett Roberts as CEO, the company grew to include products for animals, businesses, homes, and people. With a farm above the salt mine, Redmond blended modern technology with the best “old-school know-how” to create nutrient rich raw milk, raw cheese, and farm-fresh eggs.

As with everything at Redmond, the farm started organically. When the company — which really is like a family — learned more about nutrition, they created Real Foods Market which, as holistic health coach Leslie Smoot notes, “took the headache away from shopping.”

Real Foods Market started as a co-op in 2003. Now there are three markets in Utah in addition to the Heber location: St. George, Salt Lake City (Sugarhouse), and Orem. Local Melissa Maxwell says, “Shopping at Real Foods Market in Heber is easy. I know that anything I buy has been vetted by the dieticians and aestheticians.”

In addition to Real Salt, Redmond offers a line of healing clay products, such as Redmond Clay™. Designed for deep cleansing, the bentonite clay draws out toxins and removes impurities while toning the skin. Redmond’s toothpaste, Earthpaste, is all-natural and comes in five flavors.

The Bosshardt brothers’ vision was that “this company exists to bless the lives of others.” From employees to patrons, Redmond does just that.

Tours of the Redmond Salt Mine are by invitation only.

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