Open Space in Park City

Man vs. Nature — the timeless conflict. This takes on particular significance when referring to sustainable development in and around Park City. Today, in all probability, you drove past some of the over 8,000 acres our citizens have voted to protect as permanent open space, but you may not appreciate all that means.

Since 1998, over 80% of the residents of this area have approved to fund over $77 million dollars of open space purchases. To put that in perspective, about 25% of the land in and around Park City is collectively owned and slated for recreational use indefinitely. Ours. Open. Forever. If you have ever lived anywhere that started out as beautiful and then ended up paved, you know the immeasurable value of those three words.

Both the Plan and Code of Park City place significant importance on maintaining and expanding meaningful open space. There is a very high priority on public land, trails, and habitat for wildlife. Current and future owners of real estate in and around Park City can expect to see responsible development that protects those priorities. This makes economic sense too. What makes this area such a great place for the full-time residents are the same characteristics that make it wonderful for visitors and second-home owners. The slower pace of life, outdoor recreation, clean air, trails, and open space are just a few of the tremendous attributes that make Park City so unique among international resort destinations. Citizens take protection of this lifestyle very seriously. Of course we want to see our real estate economy growing and robust, but not at the expense of our way of life.

Park City benefits from a very active body of voters when addressing almost any issue, but especially so when it comes to protecting our wide open vistas and recreational land.

The leadership bodies, both public and private, mirror this commitment. Next time you marvel at the spectacular natural view from a chairlift or one of our many mountain trails, be assured that Park City locals feel the same way. There is and will be, room to breathe in Park City … always!

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