Running is one of the easiest fitness programs to start – all you need is a good pair of shoes, motivation and a nice place to run. There are so many places to go running in Park City, and you can do it anytime of the day, with or without friends and in most weather. Not only that, after you get yourself a great pair of shoes and some workout clothes, it is free!
With it being one of the best ways to get healthy and use the least amount of equipment. We reached out to Salt Lake Running Company to collect even more great reasons to run and keep you on the road:
Some obvious reasons:
• Burns up to 1000 calories per hour depending on pace
• Reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Proven to be more effective than medication.
• Increases heart and lung capacity
• Increases metabolism for up to 24 hours post run
Some not so obvious reasons:
• Improves lymphatic flow which helps to detox the body
• Helps to keep arteries open
• Increases oxygen to the brain
• Helps with insomnia
• Creates a laxative effect and decrease intestinal transit time by 30%.
• Releases opiods (natural form of opium) that aid in memory and learning.

If you’re new to running in Park City or thinking about starting, here is how to know if you are going the right pace to enjoy running. Run slow enough to talk to your friend at an effort that feels like about 50-60% of your maximum effort. This is called conversation pace. Seriously, you should go slow enough to talk the whole time comfortably. Most new runners (and actually many experienced runners) make the mistake of going too fast, breathing way too hard and having no fun. So, make sure to check your effort more carefully. You should enjoy this run. Once you train at this pace for a while your heart rate will begin to drop which will allow you to begin to increase the pace without it feeling any harder. This is a process that will repeat itself over and over when you do the correct workout at the correct pace.


Before you head out and start running in Park City, make sure you have the right pair of shoes and running clothes


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