New FDA Approved Procedure Has Hemlines on the Rise

Dimples are usually only desired on a certain set of cheeks — and it’s not the set below the waist. But despite their unpopularity, dimples (or cellulite) on thighs, buttocks and other areas are incredibly common, with more than 85% of women over age 20 reporting to both have it and hate it.

Late-night infomercials tout lotions, potions, creams and treatments to reduce the appearance of cellulite, but few work and if they do, results are temporary at best. And until recently, the only real solution to conceal cellulite was a long skirt. But a new FDA approved procedure called Cellfina™ has women around the country breaking out the Daisy Dukes.

“Cellfina is a minimally invasive procedure that is clinically proven to improve cellulite,” notes Park City plastic surgeon Renato Saltz. “Results last at least three years and patients see a noticeable improvement almost immediately,” he added.

“Cellfina is different than other ‘cures’ because it treats the primary structural cause of cellulite,” Dr. Saltz explained. “Connective bands are woven throughout the fat in thighs and buttocks and these bands pull down the skin, causing it to dimple. Cellfina releases those bands and as a result, the skin bounces back and the outcome is a smooth surface.”

The procedure is done in a doctor’s office and typically only takes about an hour. Patients can return to work the following day and recovery is minimal, with bruising and soreness being the most common side eff ects. In addition to the long-lasting results, one of the biggest advantages of Cellfi na is that it’s minimally invasive.

“Park City is such an active community and everybody wants to be back to their regularly scheduled lives as quickly as possible,” Dr. Saltz added. “I tell patients to take it easy following their procedure, but many come in and have it done on their lunch hour and return to work afterwards!”

In fact, because patients are not under general anesthesia, Dr. Saltz says they can even work during the procedure. “I’ve had patients read books, return emails, and listen to music as their cellulite is being treated.”

While there are many causes of cellulite — genetics, age, diet, lifestyle, hormones and more — even the fittest women can suffer from it. “Women don’t have cellulite because they’re fat. Even Olympic athletes can have it. It’s completely normal and until now, there hasn’t been much available to improve it,” he noted.

And while smoother looking skin is a huge benefit, Dr. Saltz says there’s oft en another advantage of Cellfina. “Women have told me this procedure has really improved their self-esteem. Patients that were embarrassed to wear shorts or a swimsuit are now more confident and can’t wait for their next beach vacation.”

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