The UPS and DOWNS of Dating in a Ski Town

Having spent nearly half my life in Park City, and approximately two-thirds of that time single, I have often wondered exactly how many frogs one has to kiss. Here, fairytale endings have a lot more to do with the number of powder days in a ski season than finding your prince (or princess).

If you’ve been single in this town long enough, you know the Park City proverbs. Women bemoan, “The odds are good, but the goods are odd,” while mountain men love to say, “You don’t lose your girlfriend, you just lose your turn.” these adages are often followed by a story disturbing enough to give Carrie Bradshaw pause. Comparing dating notes with friends ranges from humorous to horriffic.

Given what I’ve heard (and experienced myself) over the years, I’m genuinely shocked when I receive a wedding invitation in the mail. But it’s also a relief — tangible proof that living in a ski town doesn’t mean a lifelong commitment to flying solo.

But, if you’re over the bar scene and swiping right is only slightly more appealing than riding to dinnerin a hearse, how, where and when are you likely tomeet someone likeable? According to relationship expert Alisa Snell, finding a plus one requires intent. “Singles are everywhere. The grocery store, your nephew’s baseball game, work and at the doctor’s offce. Singles who don’t want to use online and dating apps need to remember to act single everywhere. Unfortunately, this requires far more vigilance and work than online dating.”

Alisa says one of the biggest reasons for unwanted singleness is what she calls “relationship OCD.” Obsessively doubting a relationship, and/or being compulsively focused on flaws, and/or comparing your relationship to an unrealistic standard. “Anxiety unwittingly plays a driving role in this pattern, locking singles in on a particular physica or personality trait, compelling them to check and recheck their thoughts and feelings, and reducing the strength of their confidence and attachment,” she says.

Luckily for those unlucky in love, there are ways to work past failures, fears and flaws and find lasting love. And Alisa is happy to show you the way. Learn more at:

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